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Autism:  Help  parents by learning as much as you can on your own.

Parents will appreciate that you made the effort to learn about their child.  The fact that you have learned about autism will show when you already know and understand some of the basic things about autism.  You won’t be asking the questions that there are no answers to.  Questions that the parents have already been frustrated by and have been asked many times.

Autism:  Information parents wish you knew can easily be found.

One of the best ways to learn is to check out a website like this one. Websites can be quite helpful.  I plan to continue  writing more and more information that may add to your ability tostock-photo-5972756-holding-a-disk understand and help parents of an autistic child.

Good ways to study do not have to be difficult.  Read a good book or watch a movie about autism.   There are different ways to study about this subject that are interesting and not too stock-photo-16539220-attractive-woman-reading-a-book-on-the-grasspainful.  There are novels and movies out there that incorporate autism and are entertaining as well as informative.

Even a small effort to learn about autism will keep you from making common assumptions that the parents of autism must constantly deal with.   Be a shoulder to lean on and help your friend or loved one find their way through the maze by being knowledgable and aware.  It is a thoughtful thing to do and will mean more than you know.

Help parents of autistic children by teaching your own children or grandchildren about autism. If they are young, read them age appropriate stories about special needs children.  For older 758px-Teacher_and_students_in_day_school_classroom_-_NARA_-_295151children there are books and movies they could read or watch that increase there awareness. By doing this you are not only helping your friend or relative who has a child with autism, you are showing your own children the importance of being a caring and helpful person.

I’m planning to put together a list of good books and movies that my daughter and I have found helpful on this site very soon.  Please check back as I will continually be adding more and more information when I can.   Feel free to comment, make requests or ask questions.     Thanks



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    1. Sylvia Post author

      That is so good to hear Margaret. I appreciate that you took the time to read this and hope that this site will help now and in the future. Thanks!


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